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About Us

At Crowd Pleasers we sincerely believe that God has a purpose for our company and we strive to do all that we can to carry out that purpose. To that end we have adopted the following core values:

We know how to have FUN!
We strive to consistently display Honesty and Integrity
We strive to exemplify Servant  Leadership
We have fanatical attention to detail
We are innovative in all aspects of our business
We listen and evolve to exceed expectations

It is our great desire that when you think of Crowd Pleasers these core values are what immediately come to mind. In every aspect of your experience with Crowd Pleasers, you have our promise that we will make these values a reality.

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CP is calling and my team must go…


Ignite the Spark within your team! Join us this year as we adventure from Camp GunnaLead to Find your Tribe! Our Cohesive leadership curriculum is designed to challenge your leaders to fuel the fire & make your tribe shine brighter!

“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.” – Sue Fitzmaurice

There is no place like camp…

Camp GunnaLead

Your happy campers will hit the trails of OC for 4 days. Each cabin will learn to work together to discover their inner Spark. Your leaders will return energized and on fire for an incredible year!

“When we hear from a leader, we will learn; but when we feel a leader’s commitment, we will be transformed.” –Jon Gordon

Our Tribe. Our Vibe. Our Time.

Find Your Tribe

Be the Spark and aim high! Train your tribe to be intentional about their words, actions and commitments. Have the endurance to move mountains and exceed expectations!

“The connection you create today will be the bond that strengthens your team tomorrow.” –Mike Smith

Not Just a Day Trip, but a Year Long Adventure….


Join us for an EXTENDED ADVENTURE by subscribing to our CP Creative Connection!

  • Enjoy themed inspiration for…
  • Induction, Sister Reveal, Gifts and More!
  • Mile Marker Goal Setting to Gear Up for CP Camp
  • Icebreakers, Activities and Application
  • Themed Playlist and Spirit Decor Ideas

Go the Extra Mile with these Premium Options…

  • Exclusive Adventure Tee with Customizable Options
  • Downloadable Locker Sign Templates
  • Downloadable Room Decor Templates
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Twenty Nineteen



Officer Camps
Resort Line Camps

Select any event above to see specific event details, schedules and spectator info.
Friday Night solos may be necessary depending on registrations.
We will update no later than 4 weeks prior to contest.

… and so the Adventure Begins!