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Since summer camp 2014, the Clear Brook Celebrities have been wanting to serve Soddo Christian Hospital when we first found out about it at our CP private camp. In reality, it’s challenging to think of ways to raise money for such a fantastic organization on top of the money you have to raise for your own dance team organization. This year in particular, our district adjusted some fundraising rules that hit our budget pretty hard but that didn’t stop our Celebrities from wanting to raise money to help others. Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 1.41.48 PM

Fall comes, football season goes. Competition arrives and buying CP’s adorable “Shine Light on Soddo” shirts just didn’t fit the yearning to do more for such a fantastic organization. With Spring Show approaching, wheels started turning. We decided to use that time to truly shine light on all the great work that Soddo is doing. Our theme was “Circle of Life” and it felt so natural to tie in serving others as part of the circle of life. Our “Celebrity/Spirit Girl of the Week” dance was dedicated to the Hospital. It was an African Jazz dance that incorporated some traditional African choreography. The dancers wore tanks that said “Clear Brook Shines like on Soddo” and we sold them in t shirts to the audience, school, friends and family. Even after show, the Celebrities would take a shirt with them to class and sell them. Just one at a time. Sometimes that way to make an tidal wave impact is over time with little drops. All the proceeds went to Soddo and we have raised $1,342 total.IMG_7063

As a director, I am so proud of the way my team took ownership of helping others outside of the team, the school, the community, and the nation. Mindsets shifted from “us” and “our show” to “this is how can we use this show to help others”. Even in a year that was financially tough for us from a fundraising stand point, that didn’t stop the unified hearts of a group of girls that wanted to think big and outside of themselves. It’s easy to get too busy to fundraise or not take the time to think creatively in order to do so. I encourage all the directors out there that it is worth the time and effort to watch the hearts of your team grow in ways you can never imagine. If you are interested in the t shirt route, I’d be happy to share more things I learned in doing so. just email Also know there are so many more ways to raise. Call on your officers, social officers, seniors, or entire team for ideas and be prepared to be blown away with the different ideas you’ll receive!


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Love the Details!

Thank you for always being ahead of the curve, thinking of every detail, being servant leaders and inspiring us to keep pushing. Love CP!Camp merch is also very nice every year!

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