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The fashion of dance clothes is ever evolving and man have we seen some crazy choices in the past. Who remembers the wind breaker jacket with the matching pants? You couldn’t even walk two steps without everyone at the competition hearing you. From the windbreakers we moved onto the fake jacket wraps worn around your waist. That idea never really made sense to me.

It seems like the general public really doesn’t understand the clothes dancers wear. How many times has someone asked you why only one of your pant legs is rolled up? How many weird stares have you gotten walking around in your spandex shorts and tall socks? Society will never understand why dancers dress the way they do.

Even here at Crowd Pleasers our style has evolved. With each staff generation comes new and exciting fashion choices for the dancer as well as the teacher. Here at Crowd Pleasers we like to stick to a clean, hip style that is comfortable yet still pleasing to the eye.


5 Simple Ways to Achieve the CP Style

1. Majority of our staff pairs their tops with any black bottom. This can range from shorts to long pants. If you choose to dance in shorts, we suggest that you move around in front of a mirror first to make sure everything is well… covered. Lately we have been seeing a lot of leggings being worn to dance or teach in as well. Make sure your pants are not faded, and do not have any holes or rips.

2. Invest in a pair of dance shoes. Here at CP we love that our staff is known for their awesome shoes. From high top Nikes to the latest combat boots, our staff seems to have it all. A fun colorful pair of shoes can brighten up any dance outfit. Make sure you can move around in them, and they don’t hurt your feet after a long day of dancing.

3. Pair your bottoms with a nice form fitting tank. Most of our apparel and staff tanks are form fitting to the body. This is a nice feature about our apparel because as dancers we want to see how our body moves. A baggy T-shirt would not do the trick for us at CP!

4. Have a slouchy cardigan or pull over shirt to layer your tank with when you aren’t dancing or are warming up. This will keep your body warm as well as seem as a comfy look for when you arrive on the scene.

5. Always always always have make up on and your hair fixed. At Crowd Pleasers we not only want, but expect our staff to look their very best, which isn’t hard because they are all so beautiful! 🙂

We hope this inspired some of you to try new things with your dance fashion. Your dance fashion can set you apart from others just as much as your dancing technique or attitude.

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Thank you for always being ahead of the curve, thinking of every detail, being servant leaders and inspiring us to keep pushing. Love CP!Camp merch is also very nice every year!

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