A Joyful Journey- CP Africa Trip
Part Four: Shop Ethiopia

During our trip through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, we visited several shops that showcased extremely unique Ethiopian jewelry, scarves, and shoes. Not only did they offer super stylish accessories, but all of their goods were created for a proactive purpose.

The first company, Entoto Beth Artisan, was established as a fair trade company. This means the workers earn a proper wage, work realistic hours, and work in a clean/well-kept environment. When visiting the Entoto Beth store, we were able to watch the women as they worked on the jewelry, that they personally designed. We tried our best to communicate, “konjo!” which means beautiful in Amharic. The women were working with very unique/recycled materials such as; coffee beans, old coins, strips of tire and reused bullet shells. They melt the bullets down and re-shape them into beads, earrings, and necklace charms. This company does not only make incredible jewelry, but they are “dedicated to restoring the HIV/AIDS affected community on Entoto Mountain”. All of the workingwomen are infected with HIV/AIDS and Entoto Beth Artisans provides them with steady income to insure a healthier life.


Another store we visited was Sabahar. This business was built on an old park, so you can imagine how beautiful the grounds were. This company specializes in scarf making and like Entoto jewelry it is also fair trade. They sell blankets, pillow covers, table clothes and of course, scarves! As you walk in, you can see the women making cotton spools and weaving together new scarves. They also sell handmade silk items. They have silk worms, which then form cocoons. Once they break free from the cocoons, the women collect them and boil them in water. This allows the tightly wound cocoon to loosen up and become stringy. The women then use this string to make beautiful accessories. They then dye them with natural dies found locally, only on a rare occasion do they use artificial dies. Once dyed, they hang them up to dry over long clotheslines. This process takes about a week for just one scarf! Fun fact: it takes 800 silk worms to create one scarf!

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Lastly, we visited Sole Rebels. This Ethiopian company is adamant about creating “well-paid, sustainable jobs” for Ethiopians. Their shoes are actually created with reused car tires. This is not only resourceful, but the recycled tires make pretty comfy shoes! The eco-friendly company’s goal is to show the world what Ethiopia has to offer. And what better way to show Ethiopia our love than to buy a pair? Go ahead and check out what the store has to offer! The shoes are so cute and you can feel comfortable knowing that you are buying a pair of shoes that will benefit such a beautiful country.


As young women and girls, we love to dress to impress. We like to feel good and confident in our clothing. Well, fair trade and eco-friendly companies such as these three will do just that! So go ahead and check them out, their stories and journeys as companies are truly amazing and inspiring!

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