The Ultimate Contest Packing List

Texas Dance Camps and Dance CompetitionsHere at Crowd Pleasers dance we are so excited for the start of our contest season 2014! We want you to be more than prepared for these very long but fun days. Nothing is worse than opening up your bag when you get to your dressing room and seeing that you forgot something VITAL to the success of your contest day! We suggest going through this list a couple days before your contest to make sure you don’t forget anything. The morning of a contest can be stressful, so do as much as you can the night before to make your morning about preparing for the day ahead.

Costumes: refer to a costume or packing list that your director or officers have given you. Go through each dance and pull out the necessary items for that costume including jewelry and accessories. Have each costume laying out and even ask a friend to triple check that you have everything. DON’T FORGET ALL OF YOUR DANCE SHOES!

Hair: you should have each hair piece for each dance accounted for. Make sure to pack bobby pins, hair pins (there is a difference in the two), hair gel, hairspray, pony tails (thick and thin), brush, smoothing brush, teasing comb, curling iron, and a straightener. Having everything for your hair is so important. We all know how much a bad hair day can throw off our vibe!

Makeup: go through your beautifully decorated kaboodle full of your makeup to make sure you have everything and nothing is expired or running low. Refer back to your costume list to make sure you have each lipstick color for each dance. Makeup is the most important thing to make sure you have everything of. You don’t want to have to ask your friends to use their makeup because theres a good chance it doesn’t match your face, or has germs!

Dressing Room: you are going to want a pillow and blanket in the dressing room for those 4 hour breaks. If you can, bring a laptop or tablet so you can listen to some music during these down times.

Miscellaneous: make sure to pack a camera, some extra cash, some snacks of your own, and whatever other superstitious items that will make your team come out on top!

A note to directors and officers: We suggest passing out an official Contest Day Packing List at the beginning of contest weeks. This will give the girls time through the week to be making sure they have everything.

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by Staci Mattson on Crowd Pleasers Dance Camps
Love the Details!

Thank you for always being ahead of the curve, thinking of every detail, being servant leaders and inspiring us to keep pushing. Love CP!Camp merch is also very nice every year!

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