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Dance Note of the day!

Dancers are usually the first in a long list of art genres to “lose themselves”. So often we are taught to mimic a choreographer or immolate the feelings of a given piece. We tend to forget who we are and that we have a voice.

Today’s dance note is REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! Dance is a language and the message inside of you is unique only to you. We are given the gift of dance to express the deeper things in life that words cannot express. And, yes, many of us are on a team where we have to be perfectly in sync but it is SO important to remember why you are doing what you are doing.

We all have an opportunity to do what we love, and that is dance. Use this time to explore yourself and find that inspiration that got you out of bed this morning.

Take a few minutes after your warm-up today and speak with your body. Express through movement what words cannot do justice. Free your body to move and speak and create! You are a dancer! DANCE IT OUT!

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