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Alllllllright dancers: The name is Amanda Nobles, but if you want me to ever respond, you should call me Nobs. I went to Friendswood High School and was a National Champion Wranglerette from 2007-2010. I was a 2 year member of the elite ensemble “Dream”, as well as the National/State Champion officer line my senior year. In 2009, I won 1st in the National Kick Master contest. In 2010, my senior year, I was a solo finalist at the Crowd Pleasers South Regional Houston Showcase at Clear Springs High School, and 5th runner up at ADTS Nationals in Denton.





After high school I decided to tryout for the world famous Kilgore Rangerettes, the first drill team ever created back in 1941 by Gussie Nell Davis. Of the 115 girls auditioning for this prestigious team, I was lucky enough to be one of the 36 girls selected to be a member of the 71st line. Being a Rangerette provided me with many performance opportunities, not just performing on the field every Saturday for the football games. Performances such as Dallas Cowboys pre-game and half-time performances with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, halftime performances at the Cotton Bowl, a Christmas show hosted in the city of Kilgore, the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago, and (my favorite) performing in Hawaii for the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the end of each year we host our own “spring show” called Revels. A two-hour performance of all different dance styles, closing with the famously popular production high kick. The show runs for 4 days, and brings hundreds of people for us to perform for.


Being from a small studio, I showed up late to the competition/drill team world. I was bitter about my experience coming to a close my senior year, so I decided to extend my involvement in this newly found world I had fallen in love with. The performing and drill team aspect was taken care of by Rangerettes during the semester, but the teaching and competition aspect was something I wanted to continue as well. My two best friends and fellow senior officers and I applied for our favorite dance company we had competed and worked with throughout our time on Wranglerettes: Crowd Pleasers. Crowd Pleasers always had the fun contests, with the pretty staff, the fun summer camps, the best choreography, and the good apparel. We were all so ecstatic to have been hired by such an awesome company.




The first CP summer kick off event is Staff Clinic; it’s where the CP family is formed and strengthened every year. I remember sitting in the lobby of the hotel meeting all the other first year girls I had been competing with all throughout high school. I loved being able to associate certain girls with dances I had seen and enjoyed so much during competition. When meeting the older girls, all nervousness and anxiety is immediately shattered. All these girls that I had known as competitors, directors, and teachers I could now call not only my coworkers, but my friends. Our passion for dance had led us all to the same place. Then came Kay, Kristina, Brie, and all the other head CP ladies. There are truly no bosses like these incredible women. They truly want to get to know you and have a personal relationship with all of their employees; something that is not easily found in other companies. My admiration for these ladies is shared by all the CP staff. I can honestly say that Crowd Pleasers has been the most warm and welcoming organization I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.





Officer camp is the highlight of my year. Believe me, I know from experience how stressful officer camp can be as a participant. However as a CP staff, the stress is eliminated and the fun is multiplied. We get to take the dance classes from all the choreographers, as well as get to help and work with all the talented officer lines that come. On top of that, so many ridiculous and goofy moments happen with all the staff that bonds us tighter together as the CP family. The best moment ever? An exclusive dance party that featured some big name performers: Kay Gabrysch, Kristina Cross, and Brie Lopez.





The rest of the summer is filled with traveling all across Texas teaching many different teams. Sometimes it’s local teams you know, and other times it’s teams you get to meet and build a whole new relationship with. We don’t just teach and choreograph dances, there’s a leadership lesson that creates team bonding that can be witnessed before the eyes, another highlight of working for CP. With each team being so different, no camp is ever the same, and it is our job to cater to each team’s needs and desires. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a boring/routine summer while working for Crowd Pleasers. And for that, I am so thankful to have this job. If at all possible, I fall in love with this company and the girls that work for it more and more every year. I plan on staying a part of the CP family for as long as possible, and encourage anyone who has a passion for the drill team world to apply.

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