Shine a Light on Soddo Challenge

We would LOVE for you and your team to participate in this year’s Shine a Light on Soddo Challenge!! Reaching our 30K goal will allow the hospital to renovate their ICU. Right now, it is just a room full of critically ill patients. They desperately need our help to convert this space into a real ICU complete with vital sign monitors, oxygen machines, walls for privacy, some heaters, and of course electrical outlets to plug everything in!!

Here is a quick break down of how possible reaching this goal really is….

If 200 teams participate.

Imagine 30 dancers per team donate $5 dollars each.

That is $30,000!!!!!!!!!

I think we can more than reach this goal, but we need your team’s help! You can sell cookies, have a dance clinic or just post a status. Imagine the lives we can SAVE just by working together to achieve a goal!!

Join us in this season of giving by Shining a Light on Soddo!

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To read about our CP Africa experience in Ethiopia check out our Joyful Journey Blog Series:

Learn about Soddo Christian Hospital:


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Thank you for always being ahead of the curve, thinking of every detail, being servant leaders and inspiring us to keep pushing. Love CP!Camp merch is also very nice every year!

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