Officer Camp

“The dance sessions were a great push for the girls! I loved the advanced skills, fast paced, and musicality across the board. We have multiple routines we liked that we didn’t get to send girls to and I’m looking forward to using them throughout the year.”

Tatyana Peffers, Nolan Catholic High School

“We loved camp dance and the chosen routine options. They challenged my dancers but also were attainable in the given timeframe. There was also a nice balance of styles and difficulty, for where our team is.”

Lindsay Benning, Midway High School

“Thank you for offering a wide variety of dance styles while also giving them great instructors and choreographers to learn from.”

Keli Jones, Billy Ryan High School

Private Camp

“Our camp was fantastic! The staffers were both so engaging and kind to my team. My girls were very receptive to their instruction and I really did see a lot of growth in just those 3 days.”

Audrah Romero, Burnett Junior High

“Fabulous camp! Fabulous games! Fabulous staff! We loved our two staff members!!! Great energy, positivity & connected with our team.”

Julia Kelly, Porter High School

“The dances were amazing, the crowd is loving it!! We get messages on our Instagram, ‘THE TEAM IS BACK!!’ and ‘THOSE ARE THE SPURS, WE REMEMBER!!'”

Sandra Q. Magaña, JW Nixon High School

T Bar M Camp

“T Bar M was amazing and brought the team together in ways we needed! We would LOVE to do it every year. The girls enjoyed it so much. The team grew, bonded, and were able to unplug and just be kids together.”

Tori Way, Jordan HS

“I loved the energy the staff had with my team. They were both motivating, kind, prepared, and made the learning experience fun for the girls. One of our best CP camp experiences yet!

Chelsea Dowden, Clear Falls High School

“I loved the Crowd Pleasers experience and cannot wait to bring my team back next year.”

Kristin Wood, Crandall HS

Line Camp

“I LOVE ALL of our field routines!!!!! The staff did an amazing job! It’s difficult to get creative with field routines and they nailed it. I would gladly have all 3 of them again to teach my team next year.”

Taylor Goodman, Canyon HS

“I always love what y’all create for our girls and the Staff just brings such excitement to the discussions and activities. My kids were all in :)”

Amber Hooper, Keller HS

“I loved all of it. It gave us a chance to have funny moments to bond, reflect on our goals, challenge my dancers, and have a feeling of accomplishment. It really set us up for a successful year! I encourage every director to experience CP line camp!”

Lindsey Scroggins, Bryon Nelson HS


“We absolutely loved our Crowd Pleasers experience. From the professionalism and kindness of the staff to the facilities, organization, ease of communication, and ease of scheduling, it has been the best experience so far! We can’t wait for other contests with y’all this season!”

Whitney Gillet, Duchense Academy

“I loved it! Always professional and organized. Crowd Pleasers staff always are positive, joyful, and beyond helpful! It is an environment I love being around and I love my team to be around!”

Amanda Burch, Grapevine JV

“I love the new adjudication system! It’s a great system that places value on efforts and growth gained through contest season. The parents love the performance block schedule and the live stream so they can share with out of town families. The performers love the merch and CP shoutouts on social media, and the directors love the personal attention and care you give to each of us. The CP team truly makes each person feel valued for their time and efforts and we genuinely enjoy the CP experience.”

Miranda Richter, Ridge Point HS

“As directors, we love the 3 video critiques, full transparency in scores, and assigning numbers instead of announcing team names.”

Kathryn Calaway, Hallsville HS

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